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From the rudimentary fuses of the past to the cutting-edge e-fuses and smart circuit breakers of today, these devices are continually refined to meet the demands of industries increasingly reliant on sensitive electronic equipment. The need for adequate and effective protection mechanisms has never been more critical.

In this classroom, we explore some basics, tools, and potential “zap!” scenarios designed to help you navigate the intricacies of circuit protection. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or a newcomer to the field, our tutorials will empower you to design your electronics safely and confidently.

Aimee Kalnoskas

Editor in Chief, EE World Online

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Fuses • EVs

Fuses for power protection, Part 2

Advanced circuit protection for connected autonomous vehicles

Fuses, eFuses, thermistors, and fusible resistors – which and when?

Fuses for power protection, Part 1

Fuses are the oldest and easiest-to-understand circuit-protection components, with several common schematic representations.

Selecting the most suitable fuse for the application is more complicated than it may seem initially.

New protocols for high connectivity need robust protection for reliability and safety.

Tradeoffs when using different circuit protection technologies and a review of applications.

Surge protection • Overvoltage

Surge voltage protection considerations

Six considerations for better circuit protection

Power-supply overvoltage protection, Part 1: Crowbars

Power-supply overvoltage protection, Part 2: Clamps

Various SPD technologies enable designers to optimize surge protection networks for specific applications.

A look at the implementations of and applications for clamps for OVP and how and when to use them.

A discussion on the context of overvoltage protection and crowbars which provide OVP.

What to consider to protect your circuit or system from undesirable events and what to do about it.

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ESD • Wireless charging

Fusible resistors vs fuses

No zapping! How to design safe and reliable wireless charging systems

Electrostatic discharge and analog circuits: Preventing the undetectable disaster

Safety standards often dictate what component provides the best protection against overcurrents.

Don't take internal IC protection for granted when handling ICs.

Smart use of protection components can help give consumers a trouble-free charge.

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