It’s no wonder that many of Earth Day’s most ardent supporters are children. Environmental education is growing into a fixture in classrooms across the United States. Students are often eager to put their lessons in sustainability into practice at home.

In turn, children are often the ones to push their parents towards energy efficiency. Influential as they may be, meeting their requests for solar panels and hybrid cars is quite a tall order.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has several websites designed specifically for environmentally conscious kids.

Visit Lose Your Excuse to download an easy energy action plan. Go over the checklist of energy saving tips with your children.

Designate responsibilities for the plan; kids can be in charge of remembering to take reusable bags to the grocery store.

Another DOE website, Kids Saving Energy, has information about different types of renewable energy and several energy-related games.

Get answers to children’s questions about climate change with ENERGY STAR Kids. This website not only tells kids how to help the environment but also why it’s so important.

In the end, embracing your child’s interest in energy will have benefits for the whole family and the planet.

Erin Pierce is a Federal Career Intern who collaborates with the corporate communications team at EERE.