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Welcome to this installment of EE Classroom on Motor Control

Electric motors — small and large — are so ubiquitous that they don’t always command the most attention. And yet, they are at the heart of end products in wide-ranging applications. Most motors in use today fall into alternating current (AC), brushed direct current (DC), and electronically commutated motors and also include steppers, brushless, synchronous, and induction.

Here you will find resources on the basics of rotary encoders (optical and magnetic), and field-oriented motor control (FOC), which has progressed with improving and more sophisticated IC technology. A two-part webinar on advanced motor control technologies moves you further along your path of understanding beyond the basics, and testing tips for key motor control capabilities to help keep your designs in check. Then step into our Engineers Garage library with a couple of projects to do in your own garage. And the associated reference designs can help give your motor control application a kick-start.

These resources are all designed to give you a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of motors, their various implementations, and key consideration when implementing a motor control application. 

Aimee Kalnoskas

Senior Editor, EE World Online

Motor Drives

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Motor Drives

Field Oriented Control   •   Rotary Encoders

Principles of motor FOC

The basics behind FOC (field-oriented control) — minus the heavy math.

Implementation of motor FOC

Managing and reducing the complexity with highly integrated ICs and systems.

Rotary encoders basics & applications

A look at the optical rotary encoder, a low-cost sensor for indicating incremental shaft position.

Magnetic encoder basics & applications

The basic principles behind an alternative to optical encoders — the magnetic encoder.

Servo drive control module

Featured Reference Designs

Servo drive power stage module

AC drive control module

AC drive power stage module

Motor Drives

Mitigating AC motor-shaft voltage and bearing currents

To avoid motor expensive repairs and costly downtime, early detection is essential.

Test & Measurement

Key items to consider before you give your AC motor controller a test run. 

Testing and diagnosing AC motor controllers

On Demand Webinar: Advanced Motor Control Technologies

This webinar will present advanced motor control technologies for high volume applications such as appliances, residential fans and pumps, power tools and lawn and garden equipment. Discussion will include how advanced technologies can achieve high efficiency, compact size and low cost.

Remote controlling DC motor using RF

A simple demonstration of remote controlling a DC motor.

Driver stepper motors on Beaglebone

In this project, we arrange a setup to drive a stepper motor using embedded Linux on a BeagleBone board.

How it works: Servo Motors

Everything from control to wiring, to power supply, to selection.

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