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The Peripheral Component Interconnect Express is a fundamental technology that forms the backbone of high-performance computing and connectivity, offering the speed, scalability, compatibility, and versatility required for a wide range of electronic systems and applications. However, there are challenges inherent in PCIe device design that require a multidisciplinary approach to solve with expertise in electronics, mechanical design, software development, and compliance to create devices that are reliable, perform well, and are compatible with a variety of systems.

In this classroom, we present various tutorials that may not make you an expert in these disciplines, but will hopefully help you overcome some of those challenges while expanding your knowledge base. 

Aimee Kalnoskas

Editor in Chief, EE World Online

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Gen 6

What is PCIe gen 6 and how do I test it? Part 2

Choosing a test system for emerging PCIe 6.0 designs

What you need to know about error analysis in PCIe 6.0 designs

What is PCIe gen 6 and how do I test it? Part 1

The evolution of the PCIe standard, including the move from NRZ signaling to PAM4 signaling in PCIe 6

PCIe 6 requires extensive tests of transmitters, receivers, and interconnects, with measurements of parameters.

PCIe 6 standards demand instruments with upwards of 59 GHz bandwidth capable of running special signal integrity tests.

The much-awaited next generation of PCIe makes it important to understand bit error-rate measurements.

Architecture • High-Speed Connections

How many PCIe card sizes exist today, and where are they used?

What’s a PCIe root complex?

How does the PCIe protocol stack work?

How PCIe interface developments have changed and advanced

This FAQ provides a high-level overview of the protocol’s components, their functions, and how they work in unison.

A tutorial on the basic functionality of the PCIe root complex and its interaction with other PCIe system components.

A look at the five standard PCIe card sizes, mini PCIe,and how bifurcation works.

Next-gen PCIe CEM edge connectors are available, which offer higher-speed performance and newer standards also use the latest PCIe CEM connector.

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As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, our infrastructure must adapt to meet the ever-increasing demands. The emergence of 5G cellular networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and autonomous vehicles have led to a doubling of bandwidth requirements.

Test • Date Transfer

Low cost, low latency PCIe ideal for sharing resources

What’s the difference between a PCIe analyzer and jammer?

Without awareness of the possibilities that PCIe’s advanced features can provide, opportunities for elegant solutions to everyday problems get set aside.

From generation to generation, PCIe speeds double. Today’s protocols can be challenging to test and qualify.

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