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WiFi & the IOT

5G Connectivity

In this Design Guide, the editors of EEWorld detail technical challenges and solutions of making 5G connections reliable with the speed and power required. This includes measuring signals and power, integrating GHz connectors, the components required for 5G systems, and beamforming and precoding technologies.

With this Design Guide, enhance your knowledge base of capacitors with a walk through of the various capacitors and their properties. Catch up on complementary capacitor content with basics around TVS, surge voltages, and ways to protect and filter. Move on to tips on how to select a capacitor for your application. 

This design guide covers the following topics: What to consider when selecting a Wi-Fi antenna; The basics of Wi-Fi security and encryption; How to extend, boost and repeat Wi-Fi signals ; Wi-Fi by the numbers; What’s new with Wi-Fi 6?; Focus on high-efficiency ... and more

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State of the Art Inductors

Bluetooth & Connectivity

Power Electronics & Programmable Power

The almost insatiable demand for high data throughput, low power, and longer battery life is driving much of the breakthroughs in connectivity technology. This Design Guide presents the technology fine points aimed at helping you and your designs keep pace and stay competitive in the fast-changing world of connectivity.

In this Design Guide, the editors of EEWorld detail the basics of inductor properties, magnetism, EMI, and inductance. Additional tutorials will present best practices for reading and measuring inductors, as well as how to approach the unique challenges designers face with working with magnetics.

Maximum power, current, and voltage. It’s what you need to know about a power supply for any application — that and the ability of your power supply to deliver the required voltage and current levels at the right cost and in the space allotted. Download this Design Guide to learn more!

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Linear Position Sensors


In this Design Guide, the editors of Design World detail some of the most common sensing options for tracking linear position and travel … including variations based on capacitive, eddy current, Hall effect, and inductive technologies. Also covered will be rotary as well as linear variable differential transformers (RVDTs and LVDTs).

The relay's humble yet versatile role makes it an indispensable  component across a wide range of electronics. In the Design Guides, the editors of EEWorld present not just the basics of this not-so-basic device, but key criteria to help you choose the best relay for your application, be it electromechanical or solid-state.

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