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Maximum power, current, and voltage. It’s what you need to know about a power supply for any application — that and the ability of your power supply to deliver the required voltage and current levels at the right cost and in the space allotted. The same understanding is required when choosing a stable programmable power supply that intelligently controls output voltages via remote digital or analog control.

Demanding applications such as ATE, telecommunications, automotive, military, and more benefit greatly from programmable power supplies that reliably and safely control both voltage and current fields. Beyond those applications, programmable electronic loads facilitate the extensive performance and reliability testing required to design and develop fuel cells.

In this classroom, the editors of EEWorld provide the power supply background and basics necessary to get you started on the path to choosing the right programmable power supply for your applications.

Aimee Kalnoskas

Editor in Chief, EE World Online

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Fuel cells • EVs

Comparing EV battery and fuel cell energy density

Fuel cell technologies and operating characteristics

Fuel cells power buses, trucks, trains, planes, and ships

Battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles are two “zero-emissions” vehicles—although none achieve zero emissions.

A review several of the most common fuel cell technologies, especially related to commercialization.

A brief overview of the many global efforts to make fuel cell-powered transportation a reality.

Safety  •  Standards  •  Protection

Battery safety standards and testing

Power supply regulations, requirements, and standards

Basics of power supply self-protection

Sub-standard materials, manufacturing or design defects can result in hazardous conditions in Li-ion batteries.

Some built-in, power supply protection features ensure that they do not “self-destruct” or damage associated circuitry

There are three primary categories of regulatory standards that designers need to focus on.

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The Asterion DC ASA Series features three independent, isolated 600W channels for a combined 1800W total output power.

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Programmable Electronic Loads Enable Fuel-Cell Test

Reliable, Stable Programmable Power Supplies Drive Advanced Semiconductor Equipment

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Semiconductors  •  Power Systems

Advanced power electronics packaging

Power supply regulations, requirements, and standards

Basics of power supply self-protection

The trends in advanced power electronics packaging mirror the overall packaging trends in the electronics industry.

The characteristics of wide bandgap semiconductor devices in comparison with other approaches.

System-level benefits of using digital power converters with PMBus communication.

Product Spotlight: Asterion DC ASA Series

Located in San Diego, California, AMETEK Programmable Power designs, manufactures, and markets precision, AC and DC programmable power supplies, electronic loads, application specific power subsystems, and compliance test solutions for customers requiring and valuing differentiated power products and services. VTI Instruments, an AMETEK Programmable Power brand, delivers precision modular instrumentation and systems for electronic signal distribution, acquisition, and monitoring, used in the world's most demanding test applications.

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