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  • Comparing magnetic cores
  • A guide to flyback transformers
  • When EMF becomes EMI
  • How to optimize energy efficiency of converters and controllers
  • What are conducted and coupled EMI/EMC concepts
  • What is 3D Power Packaging (podcast)




  • The ups and downs of oscillators in test equipment
  • What’s the difference between RTCs and clocks
  • Basics of GPS receivers
  • Principles of solid state sensing
  • The hot and cold of thermocouples
  • How do temperature sensors work? 
  • Overview of electrical measuring instruments
  • How to measure and abate jitter
  • Network analyzer vs spectrum analyzer

Featured FAQs

What is pseudorandomness and why is it useful?

How to design an Arduino-based EMG monitor

What are inertial sensors? 

Five reasons why TSN over 5G promises timely deliveries

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How It Works & How it Began

Power & Energy Efficiency Handbook

The genesis of fascinating feats in electronics engineering

Thanks, Pythagoras, for the basic science behind the theodolite

Blood oxygen meters, Part 1: Background and principles


Simple approach characterizes modern LED bulbs

The new Roku Ultra

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