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  • Comparing magnetic cores
  • A guide to flyback transformers
  • When EMF becomes EMI
  • How to optimize energy efficiency of converters and controllers
  • What are conducted and coupled EMI/EMC concepts
  • What is 3D Power Packaging (podcast)

  • Changing maze of power supply standards
  • Learning SMPS the hard way
  • Principles of GaN power devices

Featured FAQs

Graphene-based flowmeter sensor measures nano-rate fluid flows

The difference between an electrometer and a Geiger counter

What is the RISC-V ecosystem?

RISC-V vs. ARM vs. x86 – What’s the difference?

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How It Works & How it Began

Power & Energy Efficiency Handbook

The genesis of fascinating feats in electronics engineering

Undersea optical-fiber cables do double-duty as seismic sensors

When audacious engineering leads to major success


When it comes to germicidal lights bought online, buyer beware

Playstation 5 DualSense controller

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