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  • What’s a heavy-duty industrial connector? 
  • Where are liquid-cooled industrial connectors used?
  • How can connector sustainability be improved?
  • Single-Pair (SPE) advancements  
  • Power over Data Line (PoDL) integration
  • Evolving SPE standards
  • What's PCIe root complex?
  • What is PCIe gen 6 and how do I test it?
  • How does the PCIe protocol stack work?



  • Surge voltage protection considerations
  • Fusible resistors vs fuses
  • ESD and analog circuits
  • What are RAST connectors?
  • Key tests for HVAC/harsh environment connectors
  • Contact reliability and security in HVAC/harsh environments



  • Fuel cells technologies
  • Basics of power supply self-protection
  • Benefits of software configurable power systems
  • Magnetics for Power over Ethernet
  • Gate driver transformer specifications
  • PFC topologies

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