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  • Overview of electrical measuring instruments
  • How to measure and abate jitter
  • Network analyzer vs spectrum analyzer
  • Principles of solid state sensing
  • The hot and cold of thermocouples
  • How do temperature sensors work? 



  • The ups and downs of oscillators in test equipment
  • What’s the difference between RTCs and clocks
  • Basics of GPS receivers
  • What are the properties of inductors?
  • When EMF becomes EMI
  • Microwave/RF noise

Featured FAQs

When you can use Spice and it’s variants, when you can’t

The basics of AC motor drives and controllers

There are several drive topologies and control mechanisms used to implement AC motor drives and controllers.

The fact that Spice calculates Kirchhoff’s laws explains its shortcomings when it comes to simulating other types of electronics.

What are the different types of light sensors? 

Basic of mmWave and its applications

There are has several uses for mmWaves, including comms, short-range radar, sensors, and airport security scanners.

Light sensors or photosensors are one of the most commonly used sensors in electronic applications.

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How It Works & How it Began

The genesis of fascinating feats in electronics engineering

The Iridium global satellite system: Brilliant design, terrible business, last-minute reprieve

Understanding the stop/start automobile-engine design

This worldwide satellite-based communications system went from dream to reality in a decade but quickly failed in the market; its revival took persistence and luck, plus a new customer base.

A look at a relatively new “feature” called “stop/start” which is increasingly standard on many internal combustion and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).


Cisco Explorer 8642HDC high-definition DVR

The Apple Sport watch

We can get an idea of how the Series 3 goes together from a teardown analysis of Apple’s earlier Sport model.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to spend more time in front of a TV set. Here’s a look at what’s inside the cable box responsible for a large portion of home entertainment.

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