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Silicon Carbide

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Welcome to this installment of EE Classroom on Silicon Carbide!

It’s a wide bandgap world in power electronics. And Silicon Carbide (SiC), while not world-dominating, has already made its mark in bringing faster, smaller, and more reliable components than its fellow semiconductors to market. Specifically, SiC-based components can operate at high temperatures (as high as 400 C) and higher voltages, power levels, and frequencies. 

While SiC components have been around for a couple of decades, there is still a lot to learn and a lot to consider when choosing the most suitable WBG semiconductor for your device. Let us help with tutorials, from looking at how WBG semis stack up in power conversion efficiency to an overview of SiC FETs and MOSFETs. Brush up on your background of MOSFETs, SiC MOSFETs, and the all-important diode. 

Then? Take all the knowledge to our sponsor’s pages, where it all becomes an even more real Silicon Carbide world. 

Aimee Kalnoskas

Editor in Chief, EE World Online

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SiC  •  Wideband gap

Advantages of Generation-Four SiC FETs

Increasing power conversion efficiency with new semiconductor technologies

Webinar: Where's the fit for GaN and SiC?

Gate driver transformer specifications and applications

New silicon-carbide FETs perform better than previous versions and can replace silicon MOSFETs with relative ease.

This webinar discusses the positioning of silicon and wideband gap power semiconductor devices in various power conversion applications.

This article discusses characteristics of widebandgap devices in comparison with other approaches.

Gate drive transformers and the specific drive needs of silicon-carbide (SiC) power semiconductors.

Related Resources

Fully Configurable 1200V Digital Gate Driver


With reliability tested beyond typical data sheet parameters, these 1700V MOSFETs allow you to achieve your desired size and switching efficiency without overdesigning your system.

The 2ASC-12A2HP gate driver offers multiple levels of control to ensure a higher grade of protection for SiC MOSFET-based power systems.

Intelligent ConfigurationTool (ICT)

Mersen Power Stack Reference Design

Configure gate driver parameters including the gate switching profiles, system-critical monitors and controller interface settings with the ICT.

Free to download, this application can save you approximately three to six months of development  time on new designs.

Utilizing the 1200V MSCSM120AM042CD3AG SiC MOSFET and the AgileSwitch® 2ASC-12A1HP digital gate driver, this high-performance stack reference design allows you to rapidly develop high-voltage systems using kits predesigned for their applications, reducing time to market by up to six months.

  Load Switches •  Drivers

Why it's tough to characterize SiC power MOSFETs

What are the basic roles, principles, and implemenations of load switches?

What is the MOSFET body diode? 

What are MOSFET drivers and why do we need them? 

The power MOSFET is unusual in that its schematic symbol includes a parasitic device—the body diode.

Switching transients and parasitics can combine to thwart the accurate measurement of important MOSFET operating parameters.

MOSFET drivers often contain MOSFETs themselves and there are several reasons for needing them.

 A discussion of load switch function, basic design, advanced IC implementations, and additional benefits.

Cut Switching Losses with Fully Configurable Gate Driver for Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

 MOSFETs  •  Diodes

Why silicon still dominates the IC industry

A practical guide to diodes

What is a MOSFET?

An overview of different semiconductor materials used in IC manufacturing and why silicon still dominates the semiconductor industry.

It’s often referred to as a semiconductor diode but, technically, a diode has its own specific electrical characteristics.

A MOSFET is a Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor used for switching applications or to amplify signals.

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